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The Last Temptation of Sarah-Jane

Morning Folks,

OK, it’s 6:14am here in the UK.  No doubt the air outside still reeks of phosphorous following an explosive Bonfire night.  I went for a walk last night to clear my head.  Sure looked amazing out there, though I believe that fireworks reduce your surprise reflex to loud noises.  Thank Christ in our neck of the woods (I live in a small coastal town, where very little goes on) loud noises like that are but twice a year.  The other is New Years’, by the way.

So we’re on day two now.  Let me give you some stats:

Hours Since Last Wank: 24 hours

Last Corrupting Influence: Only All Sites Picture Files / Transvestite Chatroom (logged in as a TV)

I’ll go into the TV/non-TV discussion another time.  Right now, I know I’m only a day since my last self-pleasure and I already feel like caving.  My main wake up routine is pretty benign.  Get up, have breakfast, watch the news.  No problem you say.  Nothing pornographic or even erotic from that.


I love women in smart suits and heels.  It’s one particular quirk I absolutely love.  The quintessential ladies to send me spastic for some solo are:

Lucy Verasamy: Sexy weather girl on Daybreak.

Susanna Reid: BBC newspresenter

And finally, my number one temptation…

Sarah-Jane Mee from Sky.  Gorgeous, feisty, cool but slightly geeky too she is an ideal women in my eyes.  And she dresses so so well too, which is a huge plus.

God I need to lie down.  Talk to you guys later.

Shuffling Monkey.


2 responses to “The Last Temptation of Sarah-Jane

  1. No Porn

    Don’t share what you are masturbating to! You creating temptation for others.

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