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Acceptance + Trial & Error =

Hello Folks,

So in my previous post a alluded to being stressed.  For those interested in what I do I work with computers.  Not in the cool “freaky cutting edge” stuff.  No.  I do the customer-facing stuff which is like having hundreds of people watching your every move and second guessing you.  Which is a pain when you’re insecure about where you fit into the world.

I’m a transvestite you see.  You won’t know it to look at me but I am.  And I love it.  Up to a point.  When I get sexually charged by it my mind can go off in various different directions.  My default preference is girls, but dolled up I prefer guys.  So when I get wanking it all meshes together depending if I’m in a girly frame of mind or in a guy mood.

This morning I’ve been pretty good.  I’ve signed into a Tgirl website that could be my undoing.  But I am blogging here (that’s good) and I’m about to shut down my machine and put together some notes about a freaky dream I had in my writer’s notebook.

So far, 24 hours clean.


Shuffling Monkey.


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