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Even When I log in I’m being mocked!

Hello Fellow Monkeys,

You know, I believe is mocking me.  I was being nosy and checking out my stats (not great – surely I’m not just typing in obscurity for my troubles?) but there’s an ad for hosting that says “Be the Master of your own domain.”  Twats. I’m doing what I can.

Anyway, I cracked after a day and a half without jerking off.  The stats are currently

Last Wank: 7:01am

Material: Tasteful porn (satin, silk, women)

Time Since: 12 hours approximately

Oddly enough I don’t feel too bad right now.  Yesterday I was stressing again.  Work stuff.  You know the style: bad-ass job, requires now results that you have to get other people to do and the guy who told you the job left key pieces of information out.  Right?  Anyway, that was all kicking off.  And as for my office “mates” (read here: arseholes) wibbling on about their own stuff.  And since I need one of said arseholes (let’s call this one Dobby, as she looks like that weird Harry Potter character) to sign off on something, things get majorly passive-aggressive, as only office workplaces do.  Seriously I’d prefer all office conflicts to be settled like typical schoolyard fights.  Serious name calling or a fight until the bosses arrive to break things up.  Though my boss is 6 hours away so that timing could be tricky…

So yes, I feel pretty good tonight and ready to tackle things head on.  Day and a half is not too bad but I’m going to make it to three days.

Just two and a half days to go.

Shuffling Monkey…


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